Europe Royale

A city of luxury

A city of luxury

Europe Royale

Europe Royale is a luxury city near Beijing, which will offer a new lifestyle in China. Residences surrounded by sports, commercial, tourist, educational, medical and recreational facilities in an exclusive environment.
Europe Royale takes to China a new style inspired in the old and new Europe. Europe Royale will become a reference not only for the area but for the whole country.




  • International financial city
  • 4 Residential areas of old Europe: France, Italy, England and Germany
  • Mediterranean lake
  • Sports areas
  • Cultural and entertainment areas


The Project has 3 big areas: Financial Headquarters Base , Modern Service Base, y Financial Background Service Base. These area the details of the distribution:

The International Financial City is a spectacular array of skyscrapers that will be a real core of technological dynamism of the industry in the region.

The complex will be occupied by all kinds of companies from different fields and sectors but specially with those related to financial sector as banks, insurance companies, financial com- panies, asset management, credit or venture capital.

This new concept reflects the modern model of organization based on efficiency as a fundamental variable, technology as competitive advantage, commitment to training and career development and operational simplification and integration as permanent objectives.

To support and service the International Financial City, the project has 5 major independent luxurious residential areas distributed around the Mediterranean lake to house the workers and financial executives that develop their work in the offices of the great buildings of the Financial City .

These areas are inspired by the old Europe and bring life and dynamism to other activities. They are the financial cities of England, France, Italy and Germany also with sports areas.

Europe Royale is the most unique and ambitious project of all projects in the area of influence of Beijing. Royale Europe promotes and develops in these regions a new high-level framework for economic, financial, technological, entrepreneurial and cultural.