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Mooney Worldwide Aviation


It ’ s difficult, almost impossible to calculate from a whole per- spective the actual value of the brand MOONEY.

MOONEY takes its origins from one of the most fascinating parts of American history. It represent the most genuine entre- preneurial spirit and the will to improve of its people, the desire of realizing the best dreams thanks to knowledge and well done work, the romantic idea to serve others by enduring to the limit in any given activity.


From the historical perspective, MOONEY was a pioneer of aviation in the U.S. and worldwide. Since its beginning it promptly matched with the “spirit of time” and got worldwide recognition thanks to its technology, its modern and good work that resulted in an exceptional “flying machine”.


From the technological point of view, MOONEY maintains numerous world records in different technical parameters. Its design, its technological advances in the fields of civil and gen- eral aviation made MOONEY become the most requested and beloved brand by private owners and pilots around the world.

From the social point of view, MOONEY is considered in the U.S. the “Ferrari of the air”. Its power, speed, safety, elegance and good image have never been surpassed by any other competitor.

With eighty years of presence and leadership in the aviation market as aircraft manufacturer, has earned everybody ’ s respect, admiration and devotion.

Mooney Worldwide Aviation Holding

Mooney Worldwide Aviation Holding parent company owns all research, development, intellectual property rights as well as all patents, licenses, permits, certifications and worldwide rights to the design, manufacture, production, sale, rental, leasing, contribution and participation, representation, commu- nication and marketing, distribution of any aircraft or product, whether good or service, with the Mooney trademark.


As to achieve the proposed objectives and to enhance the functioning of the whole model, the executives Mooney Worldwide Aviation Holding have divided the world market and its potential markets into three exclusive territories: U.S.A., Europe-Africa and Asia-Oceania.

The companies situated in such area, participated by the holding, manage the four main business lines of Mooney Worldwide Aviation Holding:

  • Mooney Regional Air Park
  • Mooney Aircraft Factory
  • Mooney Air Station
  • Mooney Planet
  • Mooney Billionaire Resort
  • Mooney Billionaire Club