Regional Air Park

Todo lo que necesita un aeropuerto


Regional Airpark


Regional Park is an industrial area included within the very airport for general, commercial, executive and service aviation, dedicated to the installation of manufacturers or auxiliary business of the aviation sector.

Together with the above, an intense trade and business activity together with a vibrating residential market will support the activity of the airport that will be High Tech Air Complex.

The union of these two execution units in one single project will bring progress and wealth not only to the council but also
a new modern and high quality lifestyle. This brand new powerful center is influenced by the world of industry and aviation technology.

It will connect the city with the rest of country in an agile and modern way.

It will attract investment as well as many international companies in the aviation sector, generating numerous new well-paid jobs, so that household income will increase, improving the money flow citywide.

In order to integrate the airport and its activity, new infrastructures which will improve the welfare and the good image of the city will be created. Several training centers will offer courses and formation so that young locals will accede to modern high demanded and well-paid professions.