Silk Island

Referencia internacional para el turismo vacacional


Silk Island

The fruit of the ambition and vision for the future of a success- ful company, Blue Rain, Silk Island will involve transforming Shangchuan Island and Hailong Bay, part of the Chinese province of Guangdong, in the south of the country. They will become two unique tourist destinations made up thousands of hotel rooms, villas, apartments, an airport and buildings designed for leisure activities, as well as a shopping mall and waterpark, sports center and marinas…

With the collaboration of eight leading companies in sectors such as architecture and golf course design, this unprecedented real estate and tourism project will see the light of day, turning Shangchuan Island and Hailong Bay into international benchmarks for residential
and vacation tourism.


Specifically, what Blue Rain has created is a plan to transform Shangchuan Island and Hailong Bay, located in the South China Sea, into two luxury vacation spots.

They will be fully equipped for visitors and provide numerous services, in addi- tion to having a unique style: glamorous and avant-garde, on a par with the socioeconomic transformation which China has been experiencing for some years.

It should be emphasized that the project is based on sustainable activities in different areas for the island and bay, as sustainable development is one of the pillars of Blue Rain ’ s business philosophy: the utmost attention to and care of natural resources.

In addition to benefiting from the rapid development of the Chinese economy and industry, also counting in favor of the Silk Island proposal is the exceptional Geographic location of Shangchuan Island and Hailong Bay (they are part of the province of Guangdong, one of the areas with the brightest future in China, which is expe- riencing significant growth and benefits from its proximity to such wealthy areas as Hong Kong and Macau).

It also enjoys the region ’ s enormous natural beauty, which has been preserved virtu- ally intact, and lastly, the support of local authorities.

The success of Silk Island is therefore virtually guaranteed.