Sport Summer Camp

JFK Institution


Sport Summer Camp

The summer programs “JFK Summer Camps” are carried out during the summer months in prestigious universities and sports centers of modernization in Spain.

The summer program combines Spanish and computer classes with specific intensive quality training in tennis and soccer.

The sports programs include both technical, tactical and physical training and is directed by professionals and by the coaches of the university or collaborating entity.


Language classes and intensive quality specific training in tennis and football

The objective is to develop the potential of each player on and off the sports courts, extracting the maximum potential of each player in all areas of sport, technical, physical, nutritional and mental, providing emotional, social, cultural and academic balance.

The language classes will focus especially on conversation, pronunciation and on improving students’ ability to understand Spanish, without neglecting grammar and reading.

Students will enjoy the most typical tourist and cultural visits and activities in the area on weekends, such as the best theme parks, museums, shopping centers and natural spaces.

The program aimed at students, from all over the world between 13 and 17 years old who want to live a unique experience in Spain practicing and training, with first-rate international teachers, in the sport that they are passionate about, be it football or tennis, to while perfecting their level of Spanish and computer science.

The JFK Summer Camps programs in Spain will be taught at prestigious universities and centers selected for their location, educational quality and specific facilities for tennis and soccer training.

Students will have the full right to use all the necessary sports facilities: such as tennis courts, soccer fields, gymnasium, … as well as academic facilities: classrooms, projection rooms, library …

Students will be housed on the university campus and will be able to make use of all its facilities: cafeterias, computer rooms, social centers, etc …

The tennis program must have access to the tennis courts for 9 hours a day, divided into 3 shifts of 3 hours.

The soccer program must have access to the soccer fields for 6 hours, divided into two 3-hour shifts.

The gym or equivalent place to carry out physical training must be available at least 3 hours (1 hour per group of students).

As for the classrooms, approximately 14 classrooms are provided for 9 hours (3 shifts of 3 hours each). Likewise, there will be enough classrooms with computers for computer classes.


Thanks to our training and experience, we make it easier for interested students to obtain university scholarships, and we have a wide variety of programs in Spain, China and the US for the comprehensive training of players.


The university system offers multiple possibilities to all athletes in the world. From JFK Institution we maximize the options of its students to achieve their goal, through a personal treatment adapted to the needs of each athlete.

Generally, scholarships, which can cover up to 100% of accommodation, stay and tuition expenses, last for four academic years, given that university degrees are completed in 4 years. This scholarship will be maintained as long as the student demonstrates an acceptable academic, sports and disciplinary performance under the scales required by said University.


We take care of the student’s follow-up and the preparation of monthly reports on the student’s situation and evolution from the hiring of the service to the achievement of the scholarship