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Spirit of service

We provide guidance to the client to carry out their projects, with a spirit of service and with a guarantee of the future, developing a solid long-term relationship of trust based on mutual knowledge.


Blue Rain is a multinational holding company created to develop commercial opportunities of an industrial, real estate, aeronautical and service nature.

Through our various companies, we satisfy all the needs to make each project come true.

Our vision

In addition to achieving results, we want to do it in the best possible way and thus be able to respond to the daily challenge of achieving sustainable development in all our areas of activity, so that current and future generations enjoy a better life.


We work in different areas of activity to provide 360º coverage




Studies and sport



Our vision and mission

We carry out all the necessary tasks to carry out a project successfully.

  • Market research that can satisfy the tastes and needs of the country and the client to which it is directed.
  • Creating the idea and concept.
  • Technical design, including master plan, various studies, development and construction projects.
  • The management and negotiation to obtain land identified as suitable for the projects.
  • The necessary permits and licenses.
  • Project management of all Project Units.
  • The incorporation of all companies, public and private agencies and associated international brands.
  • Marketing, advertising and communication management.
  • Effective management of the entire project during its development and subsequent operation of all the business units of the project.

International profile

With a presence in numerous countries and association with numerous leading companies from different sectors, and public and private organizations of various governments.

Understanding, unity and mixing of cultures and knowledge

All this, within a framework of mutual respect and a good personal and business relationship, makes Blue Rain a winning and successful team.


Associated participating companies

Several companies and international organizations, both public and private, participate in this project, working for its total success.

Do you want to make a project come true?

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alliances and participations

Business alliances

Our group makes commercial alliances with other leading companies in each sector to achieve the highest professionalism in each project.