North American Aviation Dynamics

Alliance of European and American companies in the aviation sector


North American Aviation Dynamics


NAAD is an alliance of large U.S. and European companies from all sectors of civil aviation, combined to provide a compre- hensive response to the many opportunities that the emerging aviation sector in the People ’ s Republic of China provides.


This unified and comprehensive response covers every aspect and subsectors that comprise the General and Civil Aviation. From design and construction of airports, air parks, aviation-re- lated facilities, to the management of these facilities, training centers, maintenance centers, private executive terminals, regional aviation terminals, cargo terminals aviation, medical aviation, forest aviation, experimental aviation , industry and manufacturing of aircraft and components, aviation museums, hotels and aviation themed restaurants, retail, convention centers, offices and urban infrastructure dependent and sup- ported by aviation activity.


NAAD is an Alliance that works operationally in jointventure format, managed and coordinated by NAAD CORPORATION of HongKong.

Internacional Presence

To better develop their business and social objectives, NAAD has three subsidiaries in USA, Europe and China, the three depend on HongKong Holding and operate with the same name accompanied by the identification USA, EU, CH.


The companies that make up the Alliance are leading companies and brands in their respective countries. Offering over 30 years of successful business experience.