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International consulting for planning and development of real estate projects

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North Star International Dynamics

North Star International Dynamics is an international Consulting in planning and development of real estate projects. North Star International Dynamics is specialized in the design of Master Plans and architecture projects for residential, commercial or recreational purposes

360º solutions

We offer solutions for every stage of the real estate cycle, allowing our customers the opportunity to work with a single partner and offering independence from business, financial and industrial groups.


In North Star Dynamics we have an excellent team of experi- enced professionals in the real estate market in Architecture, town planning, Consulting, Engineering, Design, Marketing and Management.

International experience


Our international presence in strategic countries has placed us as leaders in consulting, management and implementation of building projects for companies, investors and institutions, offering a global service providing comprehensive real estate solutions to our customers.

North Star International Dynamics has extensive experience in land use, site planning and master planning.

North Star offers Facility Needs Assessments and Master Planning services, which provide a framework for decision-making that is sensitive to code, legal, economic, state funding, and political factors. Architecture, landscape, lighting and utility systems are all evaluated. Site plans identify functions, delineate private and public space and provide clarity for both vehicular and pedestrian circulation.



At North Star, our electrical and hydraulic Engineers strive to incorporate high performance, energy conscious, and cost-effective design solutions into every project. We believein integrating state-of-the-art power and control solutions to design sustainable projects that are energy efficient and attractive.

Our primary goals for electrical engineering incluye: Incorporating advanced lighting and energy controls, aestheti- cally pleasing lighting designs, provisioning for future flexibility and adaptability, providing fully integrated design solutions.


Sustainability and ecology

North Star offers a full range of in-house engineering services that integrate appropriate, cost effective and high performance structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, plumbing and energy systems into North Star projects.

Our approach is to provide unified, fully-integrated, and green engineering solutions that are seamless with the site and building design while respect each project ’ s inherent gifts and constraints.

At North Star we apply passive strategies, load reduction, proven technologies and sound engineering to optimize building performance while minimizing the capital, energy, and maintenance costs of North Star designed projects.